Friday, July 02, 2010

The mysterious band called Sea Exchange (Collider)

imageI recently came across two albums by a band called Sea Exchange. One is called EP3 and the other Schemes. Both appear to have been released this year around the same time. At first listen I was blown away at what I heard and had to find out more about this band. Though after many searches on Google I found very little. It appears that both albums were once available free from but in its place now is a stream of a 7 song EP called Strobos which are songs found on the EP3 album. I also found the band on Myspace but it appears to be abandoned with no information on the band. To label the music of Sea Exchange is difficult. Dream Pop, Shoegaze and Experimental are just a few that come to mind. If anyone has more information on this band or knows where I can buy his/her/their music please contact me from my homepage or leave a comment below. I highly recommend you check out this music.

Below are links to both the EP3 and Schemes albums. As far as I can tell these albums are being distributed for free though if I am wrong please let me know and I will take the links down. Enjoy!

Sea Exchange - EP3
Sea Exchange - Schemes (rough demos from Collider's upcoming album - Sept/Oct Release)

UPDATE: I received an email from a visitor letting me know that Sea Exchange also goes by the band name Collider and included their webpage. . Out of curiosity, I sent an email to the contact found on their website in hopes of getting more info on the two bands. Here is the response I got from John.

Hi Jason,

Sea Exchange used to be our old site for in progress demos for our band Collider (Official band name). About 2 months ago a couple blogs found the site and leaked the demos for our 2 upcoming EPs. We just released Strobos EP ( which was EP3 on Sea Exchange site) and Schemes was all the very very rough demos for our next release coming up in September / October. Glad you like the tunes, and you kinda lucked out b/c probably only 5-6 of the tracks on Schemes will really end up making the final cut.


John - Collider

So go to and grab the latest Collider album Strobos EP. And be on the look out for their new album in September/October.

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