Friday, February 12, 2010

New version of Chrome beta for Mac now supports extensions

Today Google updated Chrome beta for the Mac adding support for extensions. One of the big reasons I use Firefox is for its extensions. As a web designer I use many useful Firefox extensions on a daily basis such as the Web Developer, Firebug, and Colorzilla extensions to name a few.

Out of curiosity I checked the Chrome extension library and found there were quite a few developer tools available.

Alt text

  • Firebug Lite - It's not a replacement for Firebug but still a very useful extension with many of the useful tools found in Firebug.
  • Pendule - Not only does this extension have many of the tools found in Firefox's popular Web Developer extension it also has many extras such as a color picker.

With Chrome now supporting extensions (Firebug lite, Pendule) I feel I can now give Chrome a try as a full-time browser. It is a speedy browser and seems to run Javascript faster than the other leading browsers. I think I will start using it this week and see how it goes.

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